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JD launches online pet consultation services

Chinese pet owners now can get access to 24/7 online consultation services through a new JD Pet platform. 

By clicking ‘Ask the Veterinarian for Free’ on some of the JD product details pages, pet owners will receive online consultation services provided by professional and practising veterinarians via videos, pictures and texts for up to 30 minutes. 

The launch comes as JD witnessed an increasing demand for transparent and convenient pet consultation services in the country. The online consultation is an addition to JD’s one-stop services offered to pets. 

JD Pet’s existing products and services include pet food, snacks, toys, clothes, daily products, smart products, OTC drugs and services such as bathing, grooming, vaccines and sterilisation.

According to JD, China’s pet industry was close to US$46 billion last year and is estimated to value at more than $68 billion by 2023. 

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