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JB Hi-Fi website crashes on launch of Playstation 5

JB Hi-Fi’s website crashed yesterday due to the much anticipated launch of Sony’s newest gaming console the PlayStation 5, with gamers nationwide angling to pick up pre-orders for the new hardware.

According to the business’ Facebook post apologising for the crash, JB experienced “unprecedented traffic”, with thousands of PS5 orders every minute causing the system to overload and stock to run out before online orders could be completed.

Frustrated customers then refreshed the page, which done in volume can lead to a legitimate form of distributed denial of service, crashing the site.

“We realise that this is disappointing for customers and acknowledge that this is not the sort of customer experience that JB Hi-Fi would seek to provide,” the company wrote.

“We are reviewing our processes so that we can provide better customer experiences in these situations in the future.”

Despite the business’ efforts, customers who missed out due to technical failures vented frustrations online.

“A physical line would have been better than yesterday’s mess,” wrote one commenter.

“Spent 2 hours on it this morning had it in the basket but could not go further. What a joke,” wrote another.

“Absolutely pathetic, you knew the traffic would be ridiculous and you stuck with online orders only. Get to the checkout, confirm order button doesn’t work, site freezes and sorry sold out.. Seriously,” wrote yet another.

With console launches typically only happening once every four to five years, and JB not expecting any further PS5 stock until at least next year, many Australians missed out getting the console on day one – though it is understood customers that pre-ordered the product received their console.

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