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“It’s about educating and engaging customers”: Inside Bunnings’ YouTube series

In October, Bunnings launched a nine-part DIY series on YouTube aimed at educating customers on small-space renovations that can be completed on a budget.

The Make It Yours series, which launched its sixth episode on Monday, has so far seen an “extremely positive response” according to Bunnings managing director Mike Schneider. 

“Instagram is driving significant exposure for the series, with a 26 per cent increase in follower growth the week of the series launch, while YouTube and the website are destinations for people to lean in and watch, with a 50 per cent completion rate for the series trailer and episode one,” Schnieder told Internet Retailing

The first episode of the series has been viewed almost 10,000 times.

The social-first, digital approach was crafted as a means to reach a new audience – one less apt with traditional DIY, and finding themselves living in smaller, less permanent spaces than generations prior. 

This shift in housing also led to a shift in buying behaviour, Schnieder said. Younger customers heading to Bunnings were looking for easier, low-budget options to make their houses or units feel like a home, even if they don’t own it.

“We know that younger Australians see DIY differently and many are turning to interior design trends, and easy cosmetic upgrades, to freshen up their homes.”

This represented an opportunity to educate, said Schneider. 

“The next generation is digitally aware and have different DIY skills and needs. The simplicity, ease and power that many products now have means that some core DIY skills previous generations may have needed to get started aren’t required anymore,” Schneider said. 

“Nowadays, it’s about educating and engaging customers in a different way – this is where the series idea came from – make DIY even easier and a more attractive option for Australians to undertake.”

However, the series isn’t only for millennials, said Schnieder, arguing the lessons on display are just as valuable for retirees who may be downsizing or moving into retirement living.

“We know a large part of our customer base is ageing, and we want to help these customers set up their homes to be smarter and safer to live in for longer periods of time,” Schneider said. 

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