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Is Box by Posti the “perfect” place to pick up online orders?

Design studio Fyra may have created the “perfect” environment for online shoppers to collect their online orders: Box by Posti, the Finnish postal service.

The brightly coloured room, which serves as a convenient drop-off for customers to pick up purchases they have made online, has a recycling area, fitting rooms and product show space, according to Dezeen. 

The 600-locker Box by Posti space was created with the intention of making it more than just an ‘unadventurous row of lockers’. Colour-coded areas are used in the space to support the different service paths and mark and clarify different functionalities.

“The consumer behaviour of the Finnish people has changed significantly,” said Posti’s head of customer experience and channels Kaisa Ilola. “Before, there was a piece missing between the online store and home. Box was created to fill in the missing piece.”

Visitors to Box by Posti are welcome to open or pack their parcels in the green unboxing area, which contains scissors, tape and pens as well as parcels and envelopes, or in the recycling zone that features reusable packaging material. They can also arrange for refunds on unwanted items slated for return.

This story originally appeared on sister site, Inside Retail Asia.

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