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Five Instagram tips from Stylerunner

Speaking at Inside Retail Academy’s event last week, Stylerunner founder and CEO, Julie Stevanja, shared her tips for growing your Instagram channel and how it can support sales.

  • Experiment with the ratio of product posts to lifestyle posts
    Stylerunner has two types of Instagram posts: product shots and lifestyle images which support the brand’s proposition, such as smoothies or inspirational quotes. Stevanja said they started with a 70/30 split, heavily favouring lifestyle shots over product images.

    “Along the way we have tested different variations and the fact is our customers love the sports brands that we have onboard. We have actually changed that ratio to about 70/30 or 80/20 the other way. So most of our posts now are product based. I really can’t suggest strongly enough: have a look at what the data is telling you… It’s literally experimenting and looking at the results every single day so you’re optimising the sort of posts you are using.”

  • Use viral posts to grow the channel
    Posts which are designed to go engage customers, eg a puppy or a quote, will receive more likes and comments than a product post, Stevanja said.

    “If we have a post that gets 10 times as many comments as a regular product post — and when I say comments these are people tagging in their friends — if we can strategically plant a few of those posts and get 10 times as much word of mouth happening, that’s going to help us achieve the goal of growing our Instagram channel.”

  • Reserve your highest converting product for peak times Understand your goals and plan accordingly, Stevanja recommends. Look at as much data as you can, for example peak times of the days to post.

    “We don’t post beach holiday shots at a time when we could really get a lot of response out of selling a product.”

  • Leave space to regram The Stylerunner social media team plan around 80 per cent of their posts a few days in advance, leaving space for a new product arrival or reposting customers posts, known as regramming.

    “We try to regram a lot of customers. We find that our audience really loves that, they get to see what it looks like on a real person … So we leave spaces particularly for that. We are always scouring our hashtag for customers that we can regram.”

  1. Make the products featured on your Instagram easy to find in your online store
    Stylerunner uses a shoppable Instagram gallery called FourSixty, which allows customers on the Stylerunner site to look back through its Instagram gallery with a ‘buy’ button on the product posts. If you aren’t using a shoppable Instagram platform, make sure the products you promote on Instagram are merchandised at the top of your online store to make them easier to find, Stevanja recommends.

“You don’t want them to come to your site, look up that brand and then click through several pages finding it.”

Stylerunner's shoppable Instagram gallery

Stylerunner’s shoppable Instagram gallery

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