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Insights into Social Media and Mobile

social-mediaFacebook now plays a major role in supporting many of Australia’s most popular brands. Stephen Scheeler, Head of Retail and eCommerce Marketing for Facebook suggested at the ecommerce Conference and Expo in Melbourne in March that the (modern) world is mobile and Facebook is mobile. “If you don’t have a Facebook Strategy, you don’t have a mobile strategy. The scale of engagement is massive, Facebook has eclipsed Twitter, Yahoo etc.”




Just look at the stats for Australia:

• 12 mill come back a month, 10 mill come back on mobile (83%)
• 9.3 m daily 7.9 mill of those are on mobile devices (85%)
• Average senior marketing person has been in the job 3-4 years
• FB is bigger than all the newspapers.
• A popular TV program gets 2.5 mill viewers, FB gets 10 million approx.

Threadless the T-Shirt Art company ( suggests the better you get at engagement, the more people will get to see your Facebook posts, polls and questions get the most reactions and Photo albums also work well. Facebook looks at a post to see how much interaction it gets, and makes this more visible.

What about Facebook reducing the deliverability of posts by businesses, instead wanting Facebook business users to pay to boost posts? Yvonne Adelle, a social media expert who spoke at the PESA Professional eBay Sellers Alliance in May suggested that a post should be repeated a few times a day, Posts with images and links have less reach than text only links.

Threadless suggest that you shouldn’t assume every post is going to get the same interaction and its important to look at trends.

This is only the beginning of mobile and social transformation of media. 38% of 2 year olds use mobile devices and the average age of first cell phone is 13,

What about Twitter:
Unfortunately Twitter doesn’t have the reach in Australia that it has in the US, however it still has some penetration. Todd Lido of Treadles advises don’t just use Twitter with a push mentality Push strategies miss all the potential conversations about your brand.

And Visual
Visual entertaining content works best for engaging followers, the best platforms for this are: Instagram and Pinterest. Pin it to win it e.g.: show living room of your dreams, as a way of engaging users.

The social Threadless experience is made up of Forums, Following other users, notifications sharing and Photography / # threadpics. Threadless works on connecting consumers with artists, friends, people

Latest and upcoming in social
You will probably also notice that Facebook has released an auto play feature for video (with the volume by default set on mute so you don’t get caught out at work). Another new product that is in testing is
Facebook Paper, another way to experience and consume content from friends. Facebook is definitely making an effort to refine and create beautiful new messaging experiences.

So, what’s the next big thing;

Instagram – Offers a beautiful canvas to share beautful inventory, and now with Instagram advertising.


Its never too late to be early, the journey is only 1% finished says Stephen Scheeler when it comes to e-commerce and social media.

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