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Industry leaders call Gen Z most globally-aware consumers ever

The next generation of consumers are more globally aware and engaged than ever before, according to industry leaders speaking at this week’s Talking Shop Retailer Engagement Series workshop.

“What excites the Gen Z demographic is the opportunity of being involved in something bigger than themselves,” said Natasha Ritz, brand communications manager at LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

“For brands and retailers alike, it’s important to recognise that your staff, most of whom would be Gen Y’s or Zs, should be treated as your customers.

“It’s the perfect platform for gaining their feedback and understanding what they’re passionate about to ensure your business moves in the right direction.”

This is backed up by research undertaken by AMP Capital, which revealed the best way to engage with adult Gen Zs (aged 18 – 22 years) is to become a part of their world through transparent, authentic and sustainable practices.

That means giving back to society and standing up for something beyond just selling products and services.

Barrie Barton, director of strategy and insights at Right Angle Studios, highlighted that retailers need to understand the nuances of Gen Z, and to avoid simply thinking of them as a being the same as Gen Y.

“Generation Z are the most globally-aware consumers to ever roam the planet, connected at a click to everything that is happening everywhere on the planet, and extremely skilled at finding out information.

“What that means is you have an incredibly worldly customer walking into your shop, even if they haven’t actually travelled out of Australia by the time they are 18.

“They have global expectations and are carrying a smart phone with which they can find and purchase anything so the questions to retailers are: ‘how do you make the most of this moment that you have with them? How are you better than anything they have at their fingertips whenever they are online?’

Belinda Daly, head of marketing at AMP Capital Shopping Centres, said it’s time retailers use these insights to create better online and offline experiences for their customers.

“We recognise that Gen Zs are an important emerging market of shoppers for many of our retailers and are proud to share these valuable insights at today’s Talking Shop event to help retail businesses thrive well into the future,” she said.

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