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IKEA visits QLD customers at home ahead of e-commerce launch

Ahead of its launch of click-and-collect in Rockhampton, Mackay and Townsville in April of this year, IKEA Australia is visiting local customers at home to learn how they live.

IKEA has said it will use this knowledge to better present its range and communicate online in a way that’s relevant to the local market in North Queensland.

Each year, the Swedish flat pack pioneer is invited to visit approximately 150 homes in Australia. This practice is especially relevant, as the retailer enters new regions of Australia with the expansion of its online offering.

Going from a digital product catalogue to a fully transactional website in November last year, IKEA first introduced its online offer through click and collect in Tasmania, which does not have a physical store.

Shortly thereafter, the furniture retailer added a click-and-collect option in Canberra, as well as home delivery for online orders.

Now North Queensland will get the click-and-collect treatment from IKEA, which operates the next closest store in Brisbane.

The new, online service allows customers to track their orders and select a preferred date for collection.

Although Queenslanders have been willing to travel to Brisbane to visit IKEA in the past, the retailer thinks the ability to purchase online and pick-up items locally will provide another reason to buy.

“We’re very excited to soon bring click and collect to North Queensland which will provide access for more Queenslanders to a wide range of affordable, quality home furnishing products,” Michael Donath, IKEA Australia’s multichannel manager, said.

“The area already has a great appetite for an IKEA presence with an existing customer base of those willing to travel to Brisbane in order to make a purchase.”

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