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HungryPanda acquires Easi to strengthen Asian food delivery

HungryPanda has acquired local food delivery firms Easi in Australia and Buy@Home in New Zealand to better branch into the regions, while ‘widening [customers’] choice of authentic Asian restaurants’.

Founded in the UK, HungryPanda the delivery firm already operates in Australia, as well as nine other countries, and said with the purchases it is now the leading Asian food delivery operator in Australia and New Zealand.

Easi national operations manager Kitty Lu said the acquisition would increase the business’ effectiveness and reach in a crowded industry.

“Easi has been growing nationally at a rapid pace since our launch in Australia and internationally and we are excited by the potential we can achieve working with [HungryPanda].”

HungryPanda founder and chief executive Kelu Liu said the acquisitions are an important milestone for the business, but that improving Easi and Buy@Home’s service was only the beginning.

“We are dedicated to introducing a complete Asian fresh food and grocery delivery service, and adding local merchants’ activities and targeted discounts for our consumers with our aim to establish a comprehensive one-stop lifestyle service for Chinese and local residents who have an interest in Asian food culture,” Lui said.

During 2021, HungryPanda launched ‘PandaFresh’, a platform for Asian fresh food and grocery e-commerce.

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