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High shipping costs deterring Australians from buying online

Australians shop comparatively less online than other APAC regions, according to Rakuten’s second APAC state of e-commerce report. 

According to the report, only 36 per cent of total shopping is done online in Australia, compared to the average of 47 per cent seen throughout the rest of APAC. Of this, 21 per cent takes place on mobile, 19 per cent on desktop, and 6 per cent on tablet. 

High shipping costs were said to be the number one factor holding Australians back from shopping online more often according to 52 per cent of survey respondents – echoing customer responses from the prior year’s report

A further 27 per cent cited concerns with returning items, a lack of payment security (22 per cent) and the legitimacy of websites (22 per cent). 

“The APAC market, including Australia, presents a wealth of opportunities for brands and retailers looking to enter the region,” Rakuten marketing managing director of international Anthony Capano said. 

“The findings of this report will assist brands and marketers in developing a deeper understanding of the nuanced behaviours of consumers within APAC, and help identify new opportunities.”

Australians are primarily driven by price, the report found, with 81.3 per cent of customers stating this is their main encouragement when choosing where to buy. 

Other key factors are having a variety of products (63 per cent), delivery times (55 per cent), and website usability (50 per cent). A further 20 per cent stated they are influenced by promotions, and 16 per cent by rewards programs. 

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