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Her Organics targets niche market in women’s health

With consumers becoming more conscious of the ingredients in the products they buy – both their environmental impact and the impact on their own bodies – even retailers of menstrual products have expanded their offerings over the past few years to include alternative and organic brands.

The increasing popularity of organic feminine hygiene products is a key trend that is expected to grow at a CAGR of close to 7 per cent from 2018 to 2022, according to a recent study conducted by tech research company Technavio.

Technavio’s research showed that many female consumers in developed countries have started using organic hygiene products manufactured from natural ingredients because of perceived health benefits.

Health lobbyists have said that common ingredients used in traditional disposable tampons and sanitary pads may be linked to higher rates of cancer and reproductive diseases.

Organic feminine hygiene products are made of cotton that is grown without pesticides or insecticides. They are also fragrance-free.

Australian entrepreneur Mia Plecic has tapped into this opportunity with the decision to launch her own organic feminine business, Her Organics, and she is taking the concept even further.

Her Organics is Plecic’s sixth business and fifth e-commerce company. The subscription-based organic tampon company, launched last month, delivers products to consumers’ doorsteps with free postage.

“My mission with any product that I bring to market is to create convenience and to solve a problem,” she said.

“As TMI [too much information] as it might be, all women get their period so I saw it as a big market to hit.”

Plecic said with people living a crazy, busy life, creating a model that sold convenience was a big priority for her and selling through a subscription model allowed her to create a community.

She added that educating women on the importance of using toxic free, organic tampons is also a huge drive in this business venture.

“It’s scary to think about all the harmful ingredients that you find in mainstream sanitary items such as perfumes, bleaches and other harmful chemicals,” she said. “Thankfully our tampons are 100 per cent organic cotton sourced from the worlds highest quality cotton plantations.”

Plecic said she is seeing a huge growth potential for Her Organics, which she described as her most exciting business to date, that she is already planning to expand globally.

“We’re so lucky to have such a large niche market to target. Global expansion is on the horizon while becoming a worldwide household name.”

Plecic is also the founder of Pearly Whites Australia, Downtown Pressed Juice Co, The Bronx Pressed Juices, Bondi Smile and the online course The Start-up School where she helps aspiring entrepreneurs “take that exciting step into the big business world”.

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