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HelloFresh to open giant new ‘Tuckerbox’ complex in Victoria

Meal-kit maker HelloFresh is to open a new 25,500sqm production facility at Ravenhall in Victoria next month. 

Described as the largest such facility of its kind in the nation – and nicknamed Tuckerbox – the new production and distribution centre will speed deliveries to Victorian destinations and nearby states, as well as reduce delivery distances for the company’s suppliers.

“The launch of our third and largest Australian chilled production facility marks an impressive milestone for the business and will allow us to better serve our growing customer base,” said HelloFresh Australia CEO, Tom Rutledge. 

“Ultimately our focus is to continuously improve the product offering to our customers and how we can increase the value, convenience, and accessibility of our service. The Tuckerbox, with its size, situation, and sophistication provides a tremendous platform for us to realise these objectives over the years to come.”

The complex will employ about 350 staff including pick packers, forklift drivers, quality control personnel and management. 

HelloFresh has also worked to reduce carbon emissions through the new facility, by shortening delivery routes and using environmental features including skylights to maximise natural light, a rainwater harvesting system, 600kW solar panels for both electricity and heating water, and the use of motion and daylight sensors to reduce overall energy consumption.

“As the world’s largest meal kit provider, we also have a responsibility to set a clear precedent and strive towards more sustainable ways of working in our production facilities, said Rutledge.”

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