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GS1 Australia shares ‘one of the greatest investments for online sellers’

In today’s digital age, and with the increase in online shopping, it is imperative for companies to have a strong online presence. To succeed in the e-commerce world, brand owners must ensure their products are easily discoverable with accurate and reliable product data.

That’s where Verified by GS1 comes in. A single, neutral registry of basic product data, provided free of charge to all members of GS1. Verified by GS1 is used globally by online marketplaces including Amazon, Google and Ebay, as well as brand owners and retailers to solve challenges such as product duplication, incorrect product data and counterfeiting.

More than 200 million products

With more than 200 million products already registered, Verified by GS1 enables brand owners to be sure their products are accurately represented in the digital world. This is essential for online marketplaces as it allows retailers to effortlessly list and sell products on their platforms.

Bhanu Narasimhan, director product management at Google Shopping, said: “Verified by GS1 is very important to Google as it establishes the identity of a product and allows companies all around the world to verify that the products they get from other parties are the products they are looking for. It also gives consumers confidence when buying online – more so than before.”  

Improve online ranking and sales

Brand owners can also improve their online search rankings, and increase visibility to potential customers, when their product data is accurate and up-to-date, building trust with their customers and increasing the chances of making a sale.

Recently, the confectionery giant Mars Wrigley has seen the benefits of using Verified by GS1. Joyce Ann Rosenfield, master data value creation lead at Mars Digital Technologies said: “Verified by GS1 helps us maintain high-quality data, and high-quality data plays an important role in protecting the reputation of our brands, lowering our logistics costs, reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our on-time and in-full customer service levels.”

Products easily discovered

The rise of online retailing has made it essential for companies to have a strong online presence. By registering products in Verified by GS1, brand owners can ensure their products are more easily discovered and their operations more streamlined. This not only helps the supplier succeed in the e-commerce world but also benefits their trading partners and customers. 

When asked if she would recommend Verified by GS1 to peers at other companies, Rosenfield replied: “Oh, in a heartbeat. I’d tell them it’s one of the greatest investments you can make.”

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