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E-commerce revolutionising group buying

Revolutionising the Group Buying space with


SYDNEY, 6th April 2011


Australia’s Group Buying phenomenon is about to go to the next level for buyers and sellers, with launching 2 weeks ago


Grabbed is promising to revolutionise the industry by empowering people to sign up businesses and earn money.  The model is based on auction websites that allow individuals to create a source of income at their own leisure.  Its Money for People.


Members of share their own positive experiences with other members on the site by asking their favourite/regular restaurant or business to run a deal on GRABBED. The local owner gets new customers, the deal is recommended by a genuine member, and GRABBED shares a portion of its profits with the member in the form of cash/vouchers.


There is no cost involved in becoming a “grabber”, with little training you can sign up a business and start earning.


The focus will be on the metropolitan Sydney and ensuring that deals are available throughout the entire Sydney area, bringing deals that are practical for households and businesses a like.


Sam one of the directors said “our model is not only based on companies such as Groupon, but also Ebay”


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