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GlamCorner, Spell launch designer-led rental platform

GlamCorner has expanded its rental reach to partner directly with Australian fashion designers, with Byron Bay-based Spell among the first to launch a bespoke online store allowing customers to rent from the brand.

Using a GlamCorner-hosted store, customers can now choose from 48 Spell garments to rent from the ‘Sister to Sister’ rental platform, with delivery, return and cleaning handled by GlamCorner. Items can be rented for between four and eight days, and can be returned using a free Australia Post satchel that comes with the initial shipment.

“Last year we worked with leading retailer David Jones and now we are working directly with leading Australian designers, this is a huge milestone for us,” said GlamCorner co-founder and chief operations officer Audrey Khaing Jones.

“It’s always been our mission from when we first started in a wardrobe of 30 garments to reshape the fashion industry toward a more circular economy and make rental the norm.

“Now, almost 10 years on we are working with Spell, one of Australia’s leading designers that are taking their impact and sustainability journey seriously.”

Spell co-founder Elizabeth Abegg said the solution was inspired by their community, who have swapped and sold Spell garments to one another for some time.

“We are now offering a new solution to accessing our collections whilst decreasing the size of your wardrobe and your environmental impact on the planet,” Abegg said.

“In a world where our resources are finite, we have long known that it is circular or bust. Spell is very excited to play our part when it comes to moving towards a circular economy with our Sister to Sister rental platform, powered by GlamCorner.”

According to Clean Up Australia’s fashion data, the average Australian only wears 40 per cent of their wardrobe, with only 15 per cent reentering the resell community. The rest goes to landfill, where it is estimated 6000 kilograms of textiles are dumped every ten minutes.

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