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For better Online Sales – Fish where the Fish are

For Better Online Sales – Fish where the Fish arebird_ photographer_prozac1


The average Australian Facebook user is online for 15 hours a month. Last year, Facebook commerce was worth $5billion, analysis believe this will increase to $30billion by 2015[1].


Australians have always been early adopters of new technology. Smart phone penetration in Australian reached 36% in February 2011. It is only 31% in the US.


According to Ryan Murtagh, from Neto e-commerce solutions “Online retailers need to start fishing where the fish are.”


“In 2000, 75% of traffic to a website was direct (when users type the website directly into their browser), by 2010 this had dropped to 9%.” [2]


Australians are now using search engines, online marketplaces (such as eBay), comparison shopping sites and mobile sites instead of going direct to merchant websites.


Social media sites have traditionally been about building engagement and brand advocacy, rather than a vehicle to drive online conversions. However, a well crafted social media strategy – which first looks to create a community and then activate and engage that community – can also drive sales.


But how to manage online sales through website, mobile site, eBay, Facebook, plus listing on comparison shopping website?


Neto takes the complex process of selling online and makes it easy.


  • Neto simplifies process of multi-channel retailing. From one central location retailers can sell via company website, eBay, Facebook shop, mobile websites and feed products to comparison shopping websites.
  • Importantly, Neto is Australia’s only ‘end-to-end’ e-commerce provider that integrates with Australian accounting software, Australian freight companies and eBay.
  • Neto works for all business’s from start up to established heavy-weights.


Launched less than two years ago, Neto is experiencing 213% growth year on year. Clients using Neto e-commerce solutions have doubled online sales in 6 months, with several clients now turning over more than $1million each month.

[1] Source: Channel Advisor

[2] Source: Channel Advisor

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