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Fashion rental and resale business launches in New Zealand

The UK fashion rental and resale online marketplace, Our Closet, has launched in New Zealand, offering pre-loved pieces a second life. 

Launched ahead of New Zealand Fashion Week, the online platform allows Kiwis to rent out clothing and accessories at low prices from top labels and designers such as Gucci, Christian Dior, Kookai, and Alice McCall. They can also sell their pre-owned clothes on the e-commerce channel. 

“When I was living in Australia, I rented out my closet to make some extra bucks,” said Rosie de Malmanche, founder of Our Closet. “Soon, I realised that what I was doing for fun could turn out to be a successful business model.”

Our Closet clothing range diverses from wedding gowns, swimwear, bags, shoes to belts. The company connects sellers with buyers, lenders with borrowers and shoppers with brands and designers directly, and offers home delivery and dry cleaning at no additional cost.

“My aim is to reinvent what second-hand feels like. I want to provide a luxurious experience for women and make them feel stunning and glamorous without having to worry about saving for those brand new designer shoes or outfits,” said de Malmanche.

While the company now operates in two markets, each has exclusive inventory. Items listed in New Zealand can be sent only within the country and will be charged in local currency.

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