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Facebook releases new tools for small businesses

Facebook has released four new tools that will help small businesses reach consumers around the world.

According to data provided by the social media giant, more than 1.6 billion people on Facebook overall are connected to a business and 1.2 billion are connected to a small business in another country.

Nearly 210 million people from around the world are connected to a business in Australia, with the top five countries being the US, UK, Canada, India and Pakistan.

Now the company is providing tools that will make it easier for small businesses to reach and monetise consumers in other countries. (See below for more details.)

The move comes just a few days after the launch of a customer care centre on Facebook Messenger, reflecting just how important an intermediary social media has become in the interactions between businesses and their customers.

Leading online retailers, including Nourished Life, HiSmile and Mon Purse are among the Australian businesses that have grown to prominence through social media.

Irene Falcone started Nourished Life in 2012, after her Facebook posts about her search for organic and natural skincare products started gaining traction.

She recently sold the business to BWX, the ASX-listed owner of Sukin, among other brands, for $20 million. 

Falcone is far from the only business owner to benefit from Facebook’s reach.

Research from Morning Consult shows that 61 per cent of small businesses on Facebook say they have increased sales because of the platform and 69 per cent say it helps them attract customers.

“Mobile has fundamentally changed the way people consume content, make purchases and connect with businesses, and this represents a truly exciting opportunity for Australia’s small businesses,” said Kaylie Smith, Facebook’s head of SMB in Australia and New Zealand.

Facebook’s new tools aim to help small businesses reach global consumers:

  • Dynamic-language optimisation allows businesses to place multiple languages within one ad set and have Facebook match the right language to the right user.
  • Multi-country lookalikes allow advertisers to find their next best customers not only in one country, but in a combination of countries of their choosing.
  • Multi-city targeting allows businesses to reach people in multiple cities based on population size. Advertisers can automatically select all the cities in a country, region or even worldwide based on population, saving time researching and focusing on connecting.
  • FBIQ cross-border business insights finder provides comparative country data based on past-campaign performance across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network platforms.


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