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Facebook Offers now optimised for mobile shopping

This week Facebook revamped its tool for advertisers Facebook Offers, giving consumers new ways to save, track and use coupons, while retailers are able to connect the use of mobile offers to instore purchases.

Businesses can create two types of Facebook Offers – for online or instore use – which can be published in two ways – as a news feed ad or under a dedicated tab their business page. The news feed ads appear on both mobile and web, and they can be optimised with the carousel ad format. Meanwhile the new page tab lets businesses highlight their current discounts all in one place, so even if customers miss the news feed ad, they can still locate offers.

Facebook has also introduced a new way for users to save offers they want to use by bookmarking them. Users can click on the bookmark at any time to review and redeem the offers. They will also get reminders from Facebook to use coupons that are about to expire.

If users are claiming the coupon online, Facebook displays the coupon code at the bottom of the mobile or desktop screen, so there’s no need for users to memorise the code or switch screens.

If users are redeeming the coupon instore, they can easily pull up the offer in the Facebook app and provide the attached barcode or QR code for the retailer to scan. This lets businesses link instore purchases back to the Facebook Offer, a process that was more cumbersome in the past.

The social network is also working on developing unique offer codes to allow businesses to create more targeted offers. This would give businesses the ability to provide bigger discounts to their best customers, or simply prevent the possibility of mass distribution.

Facebook Offers for online use are available now, while the instore offers will be available in the coming weeks.

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