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Facebook launches customer care centre feature for businesses

Social media site Facebook has launched a new tool it says will help businesses improve customer care on the Messenger platform.

The features of Facebook’s new Platform 2.2 includes a Customer Chat, a chat plugin that allows businesses large and small to integrate Messenger within their own website for sales, customer service or other live-chat needs.

Beta partners launching this week include: Adore Me, Air France, Argos, Aviva, Bodeaz, Goibibo, Keto Mojo, KLM, Mermaid Pillow, Spoqa, Total Activation, Volaris and Zalando.

“For example, a news publisher might use the Broadcast API to send breaking news alerts to all their subscribers, or use custom labels to send game-score alerts to sports fans who follow a specific team,” Facebook said in a statement.

“With our new Page-level feedback feature we are also making it easier for businesses to view people’s feedback so they can iterate and improve upon their Messenger experience.

The new feature is free and has cross platform ability for users to concurrently navigate o n a company website, in Messenger and across devices. The feature is currently in closed beta with a waitlist available for businesses interested in implementing customer chat on their site.

Facebook’s customer chat plugin also supports current platform capabilities such as payments, NLP, rich media and more.

“To ensure the Messenger web experience is as feature-rich as the Messenger app, we will continue to add new capabilities as the Platform expands,” Facebook announced.

Facebook will also release the Broadcast API in open beta, which will give businesses the ability to send messages to multiple subscribers with a single API request.

According to Facebook, this feature would be helpful for businesses that have multiple service providers powering their Messenger experience as the feature aggregates all feedback in one place.

Roy Morgan data released in April found that the number of Australians aged over 14 years who used Facebook Messenger via mobile in an average four weeks has grown 19 percent since last year to 6.5 million – or almost a third of Australians.

Whatsapp, which is also owned by Facebook, grew by 15 per cent in the same period to 2.2 monthly average users in Australia.

This story first appeared on sister site, Inside Retail Australia.

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