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Experts warn of phishing scam targeting Shein shoppers 

Experts have warned of a new phishing scam targeting shoppers of fast-fashion retailer Shein, which puts their personal information and money at risk.

The scam involves an email purportedly from Shein containing a coveted Shein Mystery Box that urges customers to click a link to claim their prize.

After clicking the link, shoppers will be redirected to a fake Shein website where they are prompted to enter their personal information to win the prize.

“While Shein does offer legitimate mystery boxes during promotions or special events, the way to know if they are legitimate is to recognise the website you are directed to,” said Marc Porcar, CEO of QR Code Generator.

There are several fake Shein websites circulating the web, but there are also several ways to spot them, including checking if the domain name matches Shein’s official site (

Users can check the contact page with company addresses and customer service numbers or search for online reviews from a trusted independent source. They can also look for poorly edited images with watermarks or low resolutions, or prices that seem more than 50 per cent lower than Shein’s real pricing.

For those who have placed an order through a fraudulent Shein website and had personal information stolen, there are several steps to take.

“First things first, immediately contact your bank or payment provider to stop any pending transactions and explain you have paid a scam website impersonating Shein. You can then dispute the charges as fraud,” said Porcar.

“Ensure you check your credit card statements and bank account closely for any unauthorised charges from the fake website and report any if so. Contact the legit Shein customer support using the number on their official website to flag the fake website.

“Continue to be vigilant about any potential identity theft that could occur if personal information was entered on the fake site and monitor all of your credit reports,” he continued.

They can also warn other people by leaving online reviews and filing a report with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (

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