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Essential details regarding AvaTrade

Want to decide on whether to trade on AvaTrade? AvaTrade is a leading global forex broker founded in 2006. It is one of the primeval online brokerages in the Forex trade. Thus, AvaTrade has a lengthy history. To make the right decision, you must know the essential details regarding features, tools, trading platforms, and accounts at AvaTrade.

AvaTrade unique features

The most striking attribute of the AvaTrade platform is the amazingly diverse trading package. This package is automatic and comes bundled with exchanging software itself. An automated trading package comprises of the famous ZuluTrade system and AvaTrade’s private AutoTrader system.  The system allows algorithmic trading in its most recent versions. 

AvaTrade tools

  • Education: AvaTrade has a unique education center. It might be the finest you’ve ever seen with full videos, tutorials, and eBooks. There is an entire section on their site dedicated to enlightening their traders.
  • Trading tools: AvaTrade has plenty of features specifically for successful traders. One of their most amazing features is automatic trading software bundles, which is superb for traders.
  • An array of assets: There is a vast range of assets to pick from, making this brokerage enjoyable for new traders.

Trading platforms

One of the most outstanding features of AvaTrade is the variety of trading platforms accessible to traders. There is something for every trader here, whether you are a beginner or a trading veteran.

Each platform permits access to over 240 trading tools and multiple analytical instruments. 

Some of the platforms available at AvaTrade are: 

  • AvaTrader: a robust, user-friendly platform that enables single-click trading on every asset from one screen. It is an entirely adjustable platform that boasts live-analysis and lives feeds.
  • MetaTrader 4: the most popular trading platform. It offers flexibility and capacity to content traders of every experience level and trading knowledge. Besides, it receives you to trade in your perfect trading environment.
  • Auto trading platforms: these are the first auto trading links in the industry. The auto-trading program allows you to copy the trades even while remote from your compute.

Types of accounts at AvaTrade

There is a limit to the selection of different types of accounts that are available. This limit depends on the branch of AvaTrade that you are using to create your account. There are two main types of accounts: those servicing European Union residents and those servicing individuals residing outside the European Union. 

Other account types include;

Crypto Accounts: Theses are available for clients globally, wishing to exchange cryptocurrencies.

Vanilla options Accounts are available to those wanting to trade options.   

Opening an account

The process of creating an account with AvaTrade is quite easy and quick. You can complete your account opening process the same day you begin opening your account. You only have to surf through several screens to submit some details and select the type of account you want to open.

Finally, as a new client, you will be required to verify your identity and prove your residence. This process is fully digitized. 

Overall, AvaTrade offers platforms and tools suitable for traders at various levels. And as it continues to increase its trading range and capacity, you can gain multiple trading options. 

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