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eCommerce uncomplicated – Mark Freidin

eCommerce uNcomplicated

Making sense of Omni Channel and eCommerce in Australia.

 Allow me to help you on your journey to success in Online retailing, Multi-Channel Retailing and Omni-channel retailing.

I am Mark Freidin, Founder of, and up until recently, I was the Chief Operating Officer at the Catchoftheday Group of companies, Australia’s leading eCommerce group.

 In 1998 I saw first hand the power of eCommerce when I started targeting my then clients with simple emails, offering time-limited deals with much success.

Move to 2005, an MBA with Internet Marketing as an elective under my belt and a keen interest in online retailing, I convinced my current employer to follow the path of eCommerce, showing them that their equivalent friends in the US were doing very well online using eCommerce channels. It was here that I cut my teeth on multi-channel retailing, making mistakes and learning from them. I was fortunate enough to go through the process of developing various websites fully integrated into a live inventory and accounting system. I was so ahead of my time at that point that a browser could even see what stock was available in any of our stores across the country, and we could fulfil orders on the same day. This is still a challenge to most online retailers today!

Life works in funny ways, and the focus of my employer changed, they couldn’t understand the effort, and resources required to write copy, take photographs and clean these up in Photoshop and market these products online.They felt the effort was not justifiable and they pulled much of the resources from our eCommerce effort. As traditional retailers they were used to sourcing stock and selling it in their stores, relying heavily on foot traffic through shopping centres, their rent being their major marketing cost. This was the true traditional sales-based model. What they didn’t perceive is that to compete in the modern world, a business needs to adopt a marketing based model, where customers will respond to you only if you offer them what they want.

Frustrated by this, I started on the side so that I could create a resource for others and develop a powerful network around me of like minded people. Since then I have been on an incredibly crazy and exciting journey, getting to know anyone worth knowing in the Online Retailing Space, being invited to join Gabby and Hezi at to help them prepare their growing business for success and external investment.

Now, move to present day a practitioner in Australian eCommerce with experience that is unrivalled locally.

Consider allowing me to offer my knowledge, skills and services to you and your organisation to assist you in greatness in eCommerce.

 Its simple but it is not easy!

 Lets journey together, call me on 0412 605 547 o to discuss your Digital Transformation strategy.

 Whether you turn over $500 a year or $500 million I am excited to listen to you and chat.

Best wishes

Mark Freidin eCommerce and Omni Channel Consultant

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