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eBay Valet powers dedicated marketplace for used iPhones

E-commerce giant, eBay, has launched a dedicated marketplace for people wanting to sell used iPhones.

iPhone Quick Sale helps sellers earn hundreds of dollars for their existing phones in time for the iPhone 7 launch.

eBay says a used iPhone 6 or 6S model has sold every minute on eBay since August 1, 2016, when rumours about the new model began.

“With the iPhone 7 release, sellers and shoppers alike can turn to eBay to get top dollars for their older phones or great deals on their new one,” the company said in a statement.

Quick Sale, powered by eBay Valet, was launched on September 12. Sellers can determine the current offer amount for their phone, print out a free shipping label and send the phone in to eBay Valet. They will get paid as soon as the phone is received and verified.

“We also provide customers with simple directions on how to reset phones to factory settings, and wipe phones – making it a safe and secure experience.”

Laura Chambers, vice president of C2C at eBay, says the online marketplace has always been recognised as a leading destination for buying electronics.

“We’re always looking for new ways to make online selling easier and more rewarding for consumers. Our new Quick Sale service delivers a new standard of convenience and speed giving sellers a new way to tailor their online selling experience to their needs.”

Around the time of the iPhone 6S launch last year, sellers were earning an average of US$508 in September for the iPhone 6/6 Plus – about 25 per cent more than sellers were earning for the same phones in October.

This year, eBay says sellers can anticipate earning $350 to $600 for the iPhone 6 and above.

A smartphone is purchased on eBay every four seconds.

This story first appeared on sister site Inside Retail Asia.

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