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eBay an Australian Online shopping centre?



Almost an ‘Australian on-line Shopping Centre’?


On an average day says it sells – ‘A LOT’.

Question, where are Australian and New Zealand Retailers?

The recent publication of the eBay on-line sales statistics is a powerful wake-up call to conventional Australian and New Zealand Retailers still not trading on-line.

eBay – probably the largest on-line Shopping Centres available to Australian and New Zealand consumers states that… Read more


* A piece of women’s clothing is sold every six seconds

* A piece of homeware is sold every six seconds

* A sports item is sold every 12 seconds

* A toy is sold every 18 seconds

* A baby item is sold every 24 seconds

* A piece of men’s clothing is sold every 24 seconds

* An Australian stamp is sold every two minutes and six seconds

* An antique is sold every two minutes and 42 seconds

* An MP3 player is sold every four minutes and six seconds

* A car is sold every five minutes and 42 seconds

* A laptop is sold every six minutes and 24 seconds

* A GPS is sold every seven minutes and 18 seconds

If this does not ‘thump’ the on-line sales leakage message to non on-line Australian and New Zealand retailers nothing will.


Entertainment, Games, Book retailers, DVD Rental stores have the double whammy of DIGITAL sales leakage.

For over two years we have  been trying to persuade, cajole, push, drag ‘stuck in the on-line mud’ Australian and New Zealand retailers to understand the threat on-line retailing is now and will be to their businesses.


We are continually amazed at the major Australian retailers, such as David Jones, MYER and Harvey Norman still not trading on-line?

Shareholders and institutional investers should be asking pointed ‘why not on-line’ questions of these retailers’ CEO’s?

Shopping Centre rents are growing past inflation, international retailers such as GAP, mothercare, Top Shop and others a ‘podding’ a few sites with the intention long term to cream local retailers sales via their powerful on-line off-shore selling sites.

Marks & Spencer, AMAZON, NORDSTROM, Debenhams, ZAPPOS are already taking local retailers sales – and they don’t know it.

It is hoped that the eBay statistics finally drive the on-line message home to ‘stuck in the past mud’ Australian and New Zealand retailers.

We won’t listen to retailers in proven on-line categories complaining about sales slippage and rents, if they do not have a best practice selling Website.

Well constructed ‘selling’ retail Websites are as much about driving customers to retailers stores as selling product on-line – look at NORSTROM’s statistics.

As an aside, we wonder if Australian Deparment Stores know that logging onto the NORDSTROM USA site takes you straight to an Australian page – if they are aware, why no on-line counter to this on-line sales strip threat?

Develop a powerful, competitive on-line counter to these international invaders or suffer a progressive leakage of sales on-line to your competitors.

Australian and New Zealand retailers should remember that on-line sales are growing faster than conventional sales, with some categories in high single digit numbers, with some categories in double digit sales territory.

Christmas 2010 will see on-line international retailers take a larger share of the Australian and New Zealand retail markets, especially if the Aus$ remains strong.

We have over 30 guidance articles on on-line retailing.

We pioneered the first selling Website in 1996, LOWES Menswear – over 14 years of practical on-line retailing experience.

Article reproduced with permission from The Retail Alert Group

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