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E-commerce experts in demand over next six months: Hays

The latest jobs report from recruiting specialist Hays has revealed the marketing and digital skills that will be in highest demand over the next six months.

According to the report, which is updated twice a year to reflect changing market conditions, there is a shortage of digital experts across a variety of marketing roles, including campaign and market insight analysts, content specialists, marketing managers and loyalty marketing and CRM specialists, as well as e-commerce experts.

“One key focus of vacancy activity will be digital expertise since technology continues to advance at a rapid rate. For most roles, employers look for talent to lead and guide on new trends and consequently a strong understanding of digital is now essential for career success,” Hays said in its report.

Campaign analysts and market insight analysts are being sought to help organisations understand data and drive more sophisticated customer profiling to deliver more accurate decision-making, while the rollout of mar-tech projects is driving demand for content specialists.

Content managers, content writers and communications executives with content writing and video production skills, especially with an understanding of the online user experience, are in demand, as businesses look to this space to drive customer acquisition.

There is a shortage of senior-level experts in marketing automation and managers with a blend of digital and generalist skillsets.

“A sole traditional skillset is no longer viable in today’s market,” Hays said.

Additionally, loyalty marketing, CRM specialists and customer-centric digital marketers are growing in demand.

“Given the increasing scope and complexity of the traditional Marketing Manager role, more organisations are investing in lifecycle specialisation by separating out acquisition and retention,” the report stated.

“Consumer choice and online transparency are necessitating a growing emphasis on retention marketing to support a sustainable operating model for many organisations.”

E-commerce experts at all levels

E-commerce professionals are also in high demand to help retailers meet high online revenue targets.

“With retailers investing in online stores, e-commerce experts at all levels are in growing demand,” Hays said.

“Those at the mid-level with CRM and email expertise will also be needed as the retail sector looks to track and improve email campaigns and makes segmenting data a top priority.

“While such duties were once part of an overall digital marketing role, they are now the responsibility of a specialist who sits in the marketing and digital team.”

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