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Discount On could affect Group Buying, a revolutionary discount deals site, is set to change the online advertising and coupon space forever. The  original Founder of the popular online shopping site, believes he has created a new website and technology that will revolutionise the billion-dollar discount voucher space forever.


He is so confident that he has patented the DiscountOn technology in 132 countries. and, which could also being launched in the US, very soon.

 DiscountOn is different in SIX major ways: 

  1. Only $1 to secure any deal on the site without having to pay for the offer until Point of Sale.

Customers can Lay-by and secure a discount on any offer on the site, without any risk or expense of paying for the offer until redeeming it.

  1. Many sites offer just one coupon in each major city per day. With DiscountOn customers can search for coupons that they are interested in by browsing the category of their choice

(Just like a Google for discounted offers). There will soon be thousands of offers to choose from, as the site gets populated.

  1. Free Self Listing of offers by businesses (FREE MARKETING) to attract customers!

Businesses can self list their offers and don’t have to forgo any of the revenue to a group discount site.  They can list a deal any time they wish.  It could even be a last minute deal on accommodation, Restaurant meals, Event Tickets and much more can all be listed directly by the business and customers have immediate access to the Offers, The Coupons can be used immediately!

  1. Coupons are electronically delivered direct to the customers email account and soon will be available directly to the customer’s smart phone without the need to even print a coupon when the smart phone app launches next month. There is also no waiting for a minimum amount of people to take the offer before the coupon becomes valid.
  2. While many sites create offers solely directed at the major metropolitan state capitals, will service the entire country, including regional areas.
  3. No Splitting of Profits.  We have eliminated the Middle Man!

Businesses are paid directly by the consumer at Point of sale. This means retailers no longer have to wait up to 90 days to be paid by the group buying site which can cripple their cash flow.  The Business keeps the entire proceeds and is paid immediately by the customer at Point of Sale!  No more sharing with a group buying site such as Groupon that can take up to 50% of the revenue and make the deal unprofitable for the business.

We believe will be a major boost for retailers “who must be struggling to work out which sites are offering the best deals as there are nearly 50 of them now”.

“If you look at the recent results released by the Australian Direct Marketing Association in regards to complaints to group buying sites, most of the complaints are around delays in delivery, the inability to redeem deals and slow customer service. Our system solves all those issues,” he said.

Mr Stefanescu does not believe the model used by most discount voucher sites is sustainable long term and that the only real winners are the operators of the discount websites themselves.

Mr Stefanescu has a proven track record, having already established one of Australia’s fastest start-up web businesses,

With retailers are invited to list their offers free of charge. Consumers who register will receive points that can be redeemed against offers on the site.  Each offer the customer redeems will cost them just $1 to download the coupon.

The customer then presents the coupon direct to the retailer, at which point they pay the total discounted offer price, less the $1 paid to download the coupon and the retailer gets paid directly and keeps their profits.


In the event the coupon is not honoured or the customer is not happy with the business on arrival, the coupon point can simply be returned safely to the customer’s account to be used on any other coupon on the site, meaning nobody ever loses out.

Mr Stefanescu said: “We hear so many horror stories about businesses suffering due to their arrangements with discount voucher sites. Often it also takes a very long time before the retailer receives any kind of payment. In addition retailers are being coerced into providing deals that are unsustainable and result in considerable loss to the business after having to split the proceeds.

“Our aim is to provide greater certainty for consumers and retailers. We are removing the risk whilst allowing the merchant the opportunity to offer the same or an even better deal. There are plenty of stories about how consumers have struggled to redeem their voucher as retailers become snowed under with unprofitable deals. DiscountOn customers will receive superior service as the retailer will be able to maintain profitability from the transaction.”


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