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Digital revolution in retail the subject of new documentary series

A new documentary series on Channel 7, Bricks & Clicks, will follow the journey of six independent retailers as they transform their businesses into omnichannel operations.

The educational series aims to close the digital knowledge gap to upskill local business owners with the tools they need to their products online and to the rest of the world.

The show comes at a time when footfall in shopping centres is slowing, and more shoppers are buying online. Many retailers, especially independent and small businesses, risk being left behind due to fear, according to TV host and small business expert David Koch.

“The biggest barrier to Australian businesses getting online is fear… fear of the complexity, fear of finding someone to trust to help, fear of the high expenses. Our aim is to prove these fears are myths,” Koch, the host of Kochie’s Business Builders, said.

Six bricks-and-mortar retailers were chosen after a nationwide search to take part in the show and transform their businesses into global e-commerce brands. The first leg of their journey occurred last weekend with a “sprint” session in Sydney.

“We’re very excited to help transform the thousands of traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers across Australia who are yet to harness the power of digital,” Koch said.

“They’ve worked hard to build successful brick-and-mortar businesses, but in changing times many business owners need a hand with selling and marketing online,” he said.

The first episode of the six-part Bricks & Clicks documentary will air on Channel 7 on February 24 at 1pm.

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