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Deadline extended for submissions into gig economy inquiry

The Andrews Labor Government in Victoria has extended the deadline for submissions into its inquiry into the gig economy, citing the high level of interest from organisations keen to chime in on the topic.

Organisations with an interest in the gig economy, such as Deliveroo, the ACTU and the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, have indicated their interest in providing submissions.

The Government is also encouraging those who have participated in the on-demand workforce to give evidence as well.

The new deadline for submissions is 20 February 2019.

This is the first state-based inquiry to focus on the gig economy. It aims to understand the size of the industry and conditions of the workforce, as well as the application and effective enforcement of workplace laws in the sector.

“The gig economy is booming and giving Victorians more choice, more flexibility and more options than ever before, so it’s vital the appropriate checks and balances are keeping up with that growth,” Tim Pallas, Victorian minister for industrial relations, said.

The inquiry also aims to gather information about the impact on businesses operating outside of the on-demand economy, addressing concerns about the lack of a level playing field for businesses.

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