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Design your own suit online!


Design your own suit online!




Online shopping’s popularity looks set to continue soaring with the launch of a new site selling bespoke tailored men’s suits across Australia., a Melbourne based ecommerce start-up, allows men to design a suit online, insert their measurements and receive it in 2 weeks.
In a sign of the increased competition from online shopping, Vinspi aims to win market share from department stores and suit labels by offering a perfect fitting tailored suit instead of standard off the rack sizes.


“At Vinspi we’ve found that most men purchase their suits in standard sizes that don’t fit perfectly, usually requiring extra alteration services”, said Vinspi founder, Ivan Lim. “Vinspi solves this problem by allowing men to tailor all their suits to exact body measurements, resulting in a perfectly tailored suit”.


Before the growing popularity of online shopping, bespoke tailoring was never a mainstream option due to high costs and complicated design processes. Lim aims to popularise tailored suits by using online retail to cut high margins and simplify the tailoring experience.


“Because we operate online only, Vinspi has lower overheads compared to department stores or boutiques. This allows us to still source premium quality fabrics and tailor each suit without adding a huge markup” said Lim.  “Furthermore, Vinspi’s user friendly website makes the whole tailoring process as simple as clicking a few buttons”.

Vinspi tailored suits start at $419 with free shipping across Australia. Suits arrive within 2 weeks with a free returns policy and up to $50 credit for minor alterations.

“While all our suits are tailor made sometimes customers want minor alterations like shortening sleeves or pants, so Vinspi offers extra credit to go to a local tailor and have those changes made” said Lim. “Vinspi wants to cover all the bases so that customers can purchase a premium quality suit from the comfort of home”.

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, start-ups like Vinspi are finding innovative ways to revamp the retail industry. “Many men appreciate style but do not shop the same was as women do. Vinspi wants to offer men great style with a shopping experience that stays simple but also adds a bit of fun”.


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