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E-commerce – Case study


Huppatz is a pureplay online retailer founded by Nathan Huppatz and his business partners. Huppatz has been involved in pure play eCommerce since 1999 and as an early digital native of Australian ecommerce has always had his ear to the ground seeking scalable opportunites in eCommerce. Amongst a portfolio of niche eCOmmerce website and online publications, Huppatz’s team owned and an a  small website supplying adult dress up costumes and lingerie.


Surprisingly sales of costumes was much higher than lingerie sales. Alerted to this, Huppatz and his partners began adding a larger range of costumes to the site, and adding childrens costumes. At the same time they reduced the lingerie to a minor category on the site. Trading as Fashion For Fun, they realised that they would be better suited to and pursued this domain, and tied this in with a site refresh on their Magento based website.  A key cometitve advantage that Huppatz and his partners have, is that they are all hard core coders, programmers and web developers and are not afflicted by the outsourced development costs that cripple startups. This advantage also makes them lean and agile.


Watch the interview by clicking on the image above. Co founder Nathan Huppatz (who incidentally was a co-founder of  provides some insights and advice about his business and some success tactics that you should consider.

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