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Consumer New Zealand warns against shopping online with Freedom

Consumer NZ  is warning customers about shopping risks with Freedom Furniture due to its bad online retail experience and customer complaints. 

Lengthy wait time, poor communication and broken promises are what Consumer NZ tell people not to put up with the furniture company. 

“Hands down the worst retail experience of my life,” says Auckland-based customer Debra of her interactions with Freedom. Debra spent more than $2800 plus a $450 delivery fee in February when she placed an online order for her furniture. The product was delivered at the end of April with unsuccessful refund requests, after receiving a Covid-19 delay notification, a month of waiting, and numerous calls to Freedom.

CEO of Consumer NZ, Jon Duffy, said retailers should be transparent.

“If an item is going to take a long time to be delivered, tell the customer. If unexpected delays occur, let the customer know,” Duffy said.

“Delays happen and that’s understandable, especially in the current Covid climate, but we are calling for retailers to be upfront and communicate with their customers, so they can make fully informed decisions.”

Consumer NZ claims there are a sizeable number of unhappy customers. They are making every effort to contact anyone who might be able to assist them.

In response to Consumer’s request for comment, Freedom said the delays were caused by shipping delays and production bottlenecks.

“Freedom Furniture also risks misleading people by representing items will be delivered within certain time frames and regularly failing to meet these,” added Duffy.

“This could breach the Fair Trading Act and may be of interest to the Commerce Commission.”

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