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Coke boosts social-media engagement in next name-on-a-can campaign

Classic Aussie nicknames such as Macca, Shazza and Tommo ​are ​among the 200-plus names on ​Coca-Cola ​bottles and cans​ in this year’s version of the Share a Coke promotion.

Popular colloquialisms like Champ, Squad, Legend and Queen Bee will also be available on shelf, as well as cultural nicknames such as Mi Amore (My Love), Tita (Aunty), and Agapi Mou (My Love) for the first time. And as in the past, Australian consumers can go online and customise their Coke bottles.

You can even buy your mate a Bogan bottle…
In an expansion of the now famous annual consumer personalised engagement campaign, Coca-Cola has called out for short 10-second videos by consumers giving a shout out to a friend or family member, uploaded online.

The company will choose as many as 170 of the ads for broadcast on social-media channels or even on television. A Coke Shout Outs Snap filter will be launched next month where those who use share with @CocaColaAu have a chance of ending up on TV.

“Forget actors and actresses or models and celebrities, this summer our Coke ads are all about everyday Aussies,” explained Lucie Austin, Coca-Cola Australia’s marketing director. “We want to give people a chance to give a shout out on national TV to anyone they think deserves one.

“It might be a shout out to a Legend frontline health worker, a thanks to your Mate or your Mum who have been there for you this year or saying cheers to your True Blue local barista.

“This is all about giving people the opportunity to have some fun and share some love after what has been a really tough year,” said Austin.

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