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ChannelAdvisor Launches a Mobile Webstore Solution

ChannelAdvisor Launches a Mobile Webstore Solution


ChannelAdvisor’s Premium Webstores customers can now seamlessly reach mobile Smartphone shoppers


Melbourne, Australia – ChannelAdvisor, a solution provider that enables online retailers to improve efficiency and increase revenue, recently announced the launch of its Mobile Web store solution that allows retailers using the Premium Web store to quickly and easily create a mobile-optimized version of their site. Given the explosive growth of smartphones and mobile commerce worldwide, ChannelAdvisor encourages its customers to take advantage of this channel to reach shoppers anytime and anywhere.


“If you’ve ever tried to shop on your smartphone and visited a website that isn’t optimized, you can understand the frustrations of thousands of mobile shoppers,” said Scot Wingo, CEO of ChannelAdvisor. “We never want our customers to miss out on an opportunity to sell more, so we’ve created the Mobile Webstore to enable retailers of any size to implement a full-featured mobile version of their site in just a few days.”


According to ABI Research, mobile commerce is expected to account for $119 billion in global sales by 2015, a substantial increase from $18.6 billion last year. ChannelAdvisor’s Mobile Webstore solution prepares retailers to be at the forefront of the mobile commerce movement in advance of this anticipated growth.


Key features of ChannelAdvisor’s Mobile solution within Premium Webstores include the following:


· Fully integrates with the ChannelAdvisor Platform requiring no additional set-up or design


· Is compatible with all mobile browsers on all major smartphones


· Allows mobile shoppers to login to accounts and wish lists


· Provides a mobile-optimized cart and checkout


· Provides full promotional support including coupon codes and discount offerings


ChannelAdvisor customer launched its Mobile Webstore several months ago and has already noticed mobile conversions increase over that of its previous site, which was not mobile-optimized.


“Our customers are musicians, so they are constantly on the road and shopping from mobile devices,” said Director of IT and Web Marketing Stephen Leitch. “Before we implemented ChannelAdvisor’s Mobile Webstore solution, we had a mobile bounce rate that was astronomical. Now, our bounce rate is well below 50 percent, and we’re finding that mobile shoppers are serious buyers—spending 130 percent more time on the site and converting much more.”


In addition, Mobile Webstores customers can easily drive traffic to their mobile store by sending product feeds to applications such as RedLaser and Shopsavvy. Using these applications, mobile shoppers can scan the barcode of any product and instantly receive a list of webstores that carry the product and see the price, influencing their purchasing decision.


“If your product shows up on a mobile search, but a shopper can’t navigate your mobile site, you’re going to lose a sale,” continued Leitch. “For us, having a Mobile Webstore not only differentiates us, it allows us to create an experience that can turn a shopper into a longtime customer.”


ChannelAdvisor is also receiving great interest from retailers intending to use ChannelAdvisor’s Premium Webstore solely to launch a Mobile Webstore, due to its efficiency and price point. “These retailers realize that adding ChannelAdvisor’s Premium Webstore and the Mobile solution is a quicker and easier option than re-platforming or waiting for their current platform to have a mobile offering,” said Wingo.


To learn how you can launch a Mobile Webstore visit


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