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Cettire denies non-genuine product allegations

Cettire denied allegations that non-genuine products are being sold on the luxury fashion retailer’s online platforms.

“Cettire has the utmost confidence in the sustainability of its supply chain and the authenticity of all products available and sold via its platform,” said Cettire in a statement.

“The company confirms it does not have any product suppliers located in China, the Marshall Islands, Hong Kong, the Philippines, or Vietnam.”

Cettire’s comment came following The Australian‘s report that some customers purchased fake products from the company’s platform.

The report mentioned that a customer named Daniel Berman bought a Polo Ralph Lauren hooded jumper from Cettire, but upon scanning the QR code attached to it to check its authenticity, it came out as fake.

A Cettire spokesperson told The Australian that it has already instructed its Australian and US attorneys to launch legal actions against Berman for alleged deceit and injurious falsehood.

Moreover, citing a due diligence firm, The Australian said that Cettire has ordered some staff to draw out or deflect customer complaints sent via email.

In an ASX disclosure, Cettire asserted that it only works with established luxury distributors and all its supply arrangements are individually underpinned by legal contracts to ensure the products’ authenticity.

“There is not a single confirmed case of a non-genuine item being sold on Cettire’s platform,” said the company.

It further stated it takes its customer service “very seriously” and continuously invests in product and customer service improvements to improve its offering.

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