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Btab Ecommerce Group seeks to acquire more companies, launch IPO

Btab Ecommerce Group plans to acquire more companies in a bid to expand to a larger corporation and launch an initial public offering.

The company behind Prop Real, Aussie Markets, and Bathroom Kitchen said that it is seeking a listing on a national stock exchange such as Nasdaq. 

The company said that the businesses it seeks to acquire are either owned by third parties or by its affiliated company and controlling shareholder Btab Group.

“As we continue to grow the company’s business and operations organically, we also plan to grow through merger and acquisition transactions,” said Binson Lau, CEO at Btab Ecommerce Group.

“Adding businesses to our network has created business relationships with companies throughout the globe. We are being introduced to business owners that see the benefit of working with us, and in some cases becoming part of the company.”

Btab Ecommerce Group operates several e-commerce platforms across Australia, Asia, the UK, and the US. 

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