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BikeExchange launches first global campaign alongside new offering

Online bike marketplace, BikeExchange, has launched its first global marketing campaign today in 10 countries, including New Zealand, as it looks to launch a new range of e-commerce products in markets around the world.

The ‘Where the world rides’ campaign is being rolled out in four languages across Australia, New Zealand, the US, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Ireland, Colombia and Canada. The short film features bike enthusiasts buying and selling items online through BikeExchange..

Started in Australia 10 years, BikeExchange claims to be the biggest online bike marketplace in the world and to have delivered more than $500 million in sales for its sellers. The marketplace is said to attract more than 34 million users a year.

Now, the business is launching a new range of e-commerce products, designed to help bike retailers grow their sales online.

“With the global cycling market expected to be worth $80 billion by 2026, we’ve invested significantly in new technology product innovations that will help make it easier for cycling consumers and cycling retailers to connect, sell and buy,” Mark Watkin, BikeExchange global CEO, said.

The offering includes a retail feature that connects bike shops with BikeExchange’s database, allowing consumers around the world to see their inventory; a multi-store feature that connects brands and distributors with retailers; a data and insights platform; and technology for standalone websites.

“Our platform gives retailers detailed insights about consumer preferences and behaviours, that allows them to provide this value-added service. For example, our research shows that someone who buys a new road bike will spend an additional thirty percent with our retail partners in the following 12-18 months,” Watkin said.

“BikeExchange is all about fuelling the passion of cycling by making it easier for people in Australia, and around the world, to buy and sell. The ‘Where the world rides’ campaign and our new technology suite are all aimed at supporting our retail partners so they can connect to millions of cycling lovers and potential customers around the world.”

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