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Best of 2019: Top 50 Q&As

We’re all about bringing you insights from the e-commerce industry, and based on our chats with the winners from the Top 50 People in E-commerce 2019 report, we delivered.

From the story of Winning Appliance’s neurostrategist Katharina Kuehn, to the growth plans of Rollie Nation’s Vince Lebon, to how Domino’s Michael Gillespie delivered AR pizza making.

Check out some of our favourites below!

Katharina Kuehn, Winning Group

Kuehn is “a neurostrategist who works in a business”, and drives Winning Appliances’ customer experience through ensuring the business is extensively personalised to each customer.

In this Q&A, we talk about how Kuehn got involved in neurostrategy, how her role impacts Winning and her newest collaboration.

Russell Schulman, Krispy Kreme

Schulman is responsible for Krispy Kreme’s marketing activity, though he has worked across businesses in several corners of the e-commerce industry.

In this Q&A, we talk Krispy Kreme’s marketing initiatives, how e-commerce has changed in the last decade and where it’s going next.

Carly Brown, Une Piece

Brown founded Une Piece, an Australian swimwear brand known for making rashies cool again.

In this Q&A, we talk about the brand’s new ‘Mama and Me’ swimwear line, the rewards of starting a business and how online fashion is changing.

Brad Foenander, Coles Online

Foenander leads Coles’ e-commerce and strategic partnerships divisions – two areas that have been intertwined this year, with the launch of Coles on eBay.

In this Q&A, we talk about Coles’ approach to e-commerce, the challenges and advantages that come with that and the difficulties of selling groceries online.

Michael Gillespie, Domino’s

Gillespie is Domino’s group chief digital and technology officer, driving a “fail fast, fail forward” approach throughout the business.

In this Q&A, we talk about the goal of becoming the “internet of food in every neighbourhood”, how the business prototypes new ideas and the challenges and advantages in implementing your own technology solutions.

Vince Lebon, Rollie Nation

Lebon is the founder of footwear business Rollie Nation – an idea that stemmed from a lack of comfortable travel shoes.

In this Q&A, we talk how the business has grown, its history of collaboration and which shore it will travel to next.

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