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Australia’s fastest growing e-commerce brands

Second-hand electronics retailer CeX and discount homeware store Litfad saw web traffic surge last year as cost-of-living pressures drove Australians to seek better deals.

In its annual Digital 100 report, software developer Similarweb declared CeX as the winner of the Consumer Electronics category after its web traffic soared 94.3 per cent, thanks to buyers looking to purchase cheaper gadgets.

“Over the past 18 months we’ve noticed a strong demand in Australia for second-hand electronics as consumers look to make every dollar go further,” said David F. Carr, senior insights manager at Similarweb.

“With that in mind, CeX’s record growth makes sense as they not only sell second-hand electronics, but they also buy unwanted phones, computers, tablets, and gaming consoles which could be an attractive option when times are tough.”

Likewise, Litfad bagged the Home and Garden Winner title with a web traffic growth of 91.5 per cent as the e-commerce retailer became a go-to shop for new affordable furniture.

On the other hand, SeaLink emerged as the Travel and Tourism Winner as its web traffic grew 188.8 per cent, marking a travel preference shift amid the inflation.

“SeaLink’s position at the top of a booming travel sector is indicative of the desire to explore closer to home as the business provides ferry services to iconic Australian destinations Kangaroo Island, K’Gari (Fraser Island), and Rottnest Island, among others,” said Carr.

Along with that travel trend is the higher demand for travel insurance as the COVID-19 pandemic has led more to people realise the importance of minimising risks of unforeseen events.

Due to this, Tick Insurance’s web traffic increased by 123.4 per cent, making it the Personal Finance Winner.

“For those Australians with the means to travel, it appears one very important lesson was learned during the COVID years – buy travel insurance,” said Carr.

Meanwhile, Crocs emerged as the Apparel and Accessories winner with web traffic of 169.8 per cent.

“Consumers began buying Crocs in earnest during the pandemic when comfort trumped all else. While some may have begun doing so ironically, it’s impossible to go anywhere these days without seeing a significant number of people – particularly younger generations – wearing Crocs,” said Carr.

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