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Australian Certified Websites launches

Websites that are certified as Australian! An exciting concept from entrepreneur JessicaAustralian Certified Websites Urquhart. Jessica was frequently buying goods online from sites with ‘.au’ domains only to find her goods were being shipped from suppliers abroad or she was being overcharged on freight on checkout. She was further annoyed by local sites that lacked transparency and did not display ABN’s, phone numbers, location address, contact detaills  or postal addresses etc.

After much research Jessica has now launched Australian Certified Websites. A service that offers site owners the chance to bring their site to a standard that will provide more trust and integrity to the Australian Online Internet Industry


More Information About  Certificaton

What is an Australian Certified Website? A website that has successfully passed our certification process.

What does the GOLD Logo represent? The GOLD logo means that you are 100% Australian.

What does the GREEN Logo represent? The GREEN logo means you are 100% Australian, but you are either hosted overseas, or you don’t have Australian payment options.

What is the certification process? We have a checklist that we go through to audit your website.

How much does it cost? The application fee is $12. This is ONLY payable if your website is successful.

Are the logos Australian Trademarks? Yes they are.

Does our website have to link to yours? All successful website will have to display our logo on their homepage. You will be given a link to a dedicated page showcasing your site.

How do I apply? Click the APPLY button on our website. Complete the application form and either submit online, fax or email.

How long does the application take? The application process will take between 1 to 24 hours.

How long does the certification last? The certification is valid for 12 months. We will re-audit your site (to ensure that nothing has changed) and you are invited to renew your certification.

Will you promote my website? MY OATH we will… We are very proud that you are Australian.

Can we see an example of a certified site? Yes, a GOLD site is and a GREEN site is

Who should I direct my enquiries to? My name is Jessica Urquhart (founder of Australian Certified Website), you can phone me, email me or enquire online.

Are you a Government body? No, we are independent. We hope to get government support in the near future.

Visit the site:

“Our goal is for consumers to have a place to find Trusted Aussie Websites and gain trust in our logos. We are not a business directory, nor will we accept all applications – we have a strict process and only 100% Australian sites will be successful.”

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