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Aussie-led sustainable fashion brand debuts new collection

UK-based online fashion label Thoreau has launched its first Autumn/Winter collection, using only sustainable and reclaimed Italian designer fabrics.

The range includes wardrobe staples made from premium materials to create timeless, luxury garments that stand up to the highest eco-friendly principles. All items are manufactured in the UK.

Thoreau was founded by Melbourne designer Hannah Little and her partner Owen Weatherley in 2016 to provide thoughtfully designed, versatile pieces for women that have minimal impact on the planet.

“We believe that personal style does not have to come at the expense of the conscience. This new kind of consumerism means that people are demanding more authentic, transparent experience from their purchases,” said Little, who has spent more than a decade in the UK and Australian fashion industries.

The fashion industry contributes around 10 per cent of all global greenhouse gas emissions.

Thoreau strives to be 100 per cent carbon neutral by using both sustainable and recycled fabric and tracking, eliminating and/or offsetting all emissions from production, manufacturing and shipping.

In addition, when the fashion label uses animal fibres such as wool or silk in designs, it ensures all materials are ethically sourced and 100 per cent cruelty-free.

The label’s debut Autumn/Winter range includes floaty blouses in dreamy prints,  the Javan dress, complete with the cocker neckline, and the stand out Frenchie bed jacket made from textured Italian viscose.

The range has a subtle seventies aesthetic and the pieces suit unique styling of the wearer.


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