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Ashford Saves Time with Heiler Software

Ashford Saves Time with Heiler Software

Quick Time-to-Market with Product Information Management (PIM)

Detroit/Stuttgart/Sydney, March 9th 2012 – Ashford, a leader in luxury watches for men and women, has selected Heiler’s Enterprise Product Information Management and Media Portal solutions in an effort to simplify operations, enable their multichannel strategy, and easily introduce new product lines.
Ashford watches
Ashford offers more than 4,000 products, each with more than 20 attributes. With a desire to offer its shoppers a seamless multichannel experience, choosing to implement a robust PIM solution was a clear next step. Heiler’s Enterprise PIM helps Ashford rapidly update product information across multiple channels with just the click of a button.

“We‘ve been growing extremely rapidly, and with that growth has come increased operational complexity,“ said Joel Katz, Ashford’s COO. “Through Heiler’s PIM we’ve eliminated product management as a growth barrier and now have the speed and flexibility to get products in front of customers almost instantaneously.“

“Ashford now manages its complete and accurate product data, including multiple images with Heiler’s PIM. The system provides Ashford with data acquisition, data management, and data syndication across all channels, and it integrates its ecommerce operations with Heiler through the PIM adaptor for Oracle ATG,“ says Greg Wong, CEO of Heiler Software.

Taking it a step further, Ashford is also integrating their inventory and sales information into the PIM platform so merchandisers can make decisions within these departments. With the PIM platform serving as the governing platform for all channels, this capability is mission critical.

“We’re confident that moving to a top-notch PIM was a great decision for us,“ said Mr. Katz. “And Heiler has impressed us every step of the way.“

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