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Appliance bidding platform Ineda aims to put consumers in control

Online bidding platform Ineda, has released an updated version of its marketplace, offering consumers somewhere to offer manufacturers and retailers a bid on electronics and appliances.

According to Ineda, the new Marketplace is created to bring a “people’s market” to assist Australian consumers in saving hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars on daily purchases including appliances, white goods, and other items. Consumers can literally negotiate the best bargain on purchases.

When using Ineda’s new-generation marketplace, customers can tell vendors the price they are willing to pay. The company says this is a win-win scenario for customers who get the best price and suppliers who shift stock in their business.

Customers who think they are overpaying or missing out on a great deal can place a “bid” on Ineda’s marketplace for the precise products they want, including appliances like a dishwasher, fridge, or washing machine. The customers will then wait to see if their bids are accepted.

“Ineda’s mission during difficult and challenging economic times is to keep local businesses open and people employed while also helping consumers reduce their costs of living or operating their businesses through planned or unplanned purchases,” said Ineda’s founder Nick Neda. 

“Together, we can weather these tough times and emerge stronger than ever. It’s a win, win for everyone.”  

With household budgets becoming increasingly tight, Ineda believes that the extra money it can save consumers on daily purchases will go a long way in the current uncertain economic environment.

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