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Mobile app aims to make millennials more engaged at work

Retailers pay close attention to the behaviour of millennials as consumers, but they should also consider how millennials behave as employees.

Recent data from US-based research company Gallup shows that millennials change jobs at three times the rate of other generations.

Gallup suggests this is part of a broader employee engagement problem, with 76 per cent of workers in Australia and New Zealand not feeling engaged at work.

With employee engagement impacting productivity levels and customer satisfaction, companies across industries need to take steps to improve employee engagement.

According to Gallup, millennials in particular require more frequent and consistent performance feedback. They also prefer to connect and interact with the world through their own mobile devices.

That’s the underlying logic behind a new mobile app in Manhattan Associate’s Performance at Work solution. The software uses gamification concepts to engage, motivate and incentivise success.

Employees get regular feedback on how they impact company success and how their work ranks against that of their colleagues. They also receive a weekly performance scorecard directly on their smartphones.

“Productivity improvements often focus on high-performing execution applications, like warehouse and labour management, yet support for the human element of the equation has largely been overlooked,” said Peter Schnorbach, senior director of product strategy at Manhattan Associates.

“Companies will have to shift this focus as more millennials, and their need for frequent feedback, enter the workforce. Performance at Work is designed to engage this modern, more connected worker through their preferred medium – the smartphone.”


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