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Amazon Australia tipped to surpass $2 billion in sales this year

Global e-commerce marketplace Amazon Australia will exceed $2 billion in sales this year according to marketplace research from Pattern.

The company polled 1000 consumers who had shopped from Amazon during the past year and found that nearly 44 per cent will spend more on Amazon this year with only 12 per cent looking to reduce their spending.

Amazon Prime subscribers climbed 29 per cent in a year and 40 per cent of Australians now have access to Prime services.

The report has highlighted several key categories of growth based on what people are likely to spend and where they plan on buying it from. 

The luggage and travel market is expected to grow 60 per cent with 75 per cent planning to make purchases from Amazon. Sports and fitness gear will likely grow 5 per cent with 57 per cent of people opting to buy it from Amazon. Home and kitchen appliances will grow 9 per cent but 47 per cent will likely buy from Amazon. 

Vitamins and supplements are expected to grow 11 per cent with 50 per cent preferring to buy from Amazon.

Pattern’s GM for Australia, Merline McGregor, said Amazon Australia has maintained its ‘significant gains’ throughout lockdowns in Australia.

“Shoppers continue to migrate to online sales channels and with a wide variety of categories, Amazon is poised to outperform the competition and acquire these customers.”

She said the company’s expected sales growth should be of interest to consumer brands and retailers as they decide whether to cooperate or compete with the marketplace.

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