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Amazon Australia creates 1000 seasonal jobs

As mid-year seasonal sales pick up, Amazon Australia says it plans to employ 1000 new workers at its Fulfillment Centres (FC) and logistics sites. 

The announcement comes as the company continues to invest in its operations network including onboarding hundreds of new employees to its recently launched robotics site in Western Sydney.

The business says it will employ new workers across a range of areas based on their experience and skill levels to help pack, ship and move orders to customers across Australia on important dates. One of them is Prime Day – an annual shopping event that takes place in July.

Amazon Australia country manager Janet Menzies said many of the current FC employees started off in casual roles and have stayed on to grow their careers at Amazon.

“This is a great opportunity for motivated, enthusiastic people from a range of backgrounds to work with our team over the mid-year sales period.”

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