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Amazon allows customers to vote on new products with Built It program

Amazon is expanding its Day 1 Editions program, in which it essentially soft launches beta-version products and allows some customers to test them out and give feedback before a wider launch, to a whole new level.

Last week the business unveiled it’s newest program, Built It, which will showcase a few product concepts to be pre-ordered by Day 1 Editions customers.

Each item will have a set pre-order goal, and only should it reach the goal the product will be built in a limited quantity, and just for the Day 1 Editions customers who preordered.

Customers will only be charged for their pre-order when the item itself ships.

The first products in the program are a smart sticky note printer, a smart food scale, and a smart cuckoo clock. Each product is integrated with Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, and will be available for pre-order until March 19.

“It’s low risk, high reward, and a whole lot of fun,” the business said.

“For this first wave of concepts, we’ll build at least one based on your pre-orders; and if they each hit their pre-order goals, we’ll build them all.”

The program allows Amazon customers to influence which products are built to a degree, and allows Amazon to more likely build products their customers see a need for.

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