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Agency for Box Insert Marketing growing rapidly


ParcelPush, the insert marketing agency for Australia is growing its nation-wide network of online retailers rapidly now offering advertisers and media planners over 1.5 million flyer distribution opportunities within e-commerce parcels monthly.

“We are proud to represent and manage flyer insert opportunities for four of Australia’s biggest online fashion and department stores shipping thousands of e-commerce parcels every day plus also a number of smaller-sized online retail businesses and eBay powersellers with monthly distribution volumes of 5,000 – 10,000 shipments. eBay powersellers represent an interesting marketing channel for us as they are highly targeted and often these specialised niche players love to give their customers a special treat as well,” explains Co-Founder Bjoern Behrendt.

ParcelPush offers advertisers effective and optimised campaigns by not only measuring the conversion rates of voucher codes or dedicated landing pages, but also by tailoring and testing various marketing messages towards online shoppers in different product segments and baby boomers in particular. Online retailers receive a kickback from ParcelPush for each inserted voucher or sample.

“Our goal is to get the best possible and often even co-branded offers for the customers of our retail partners, because it is a very special moment, when online shoppers open their deliveries, which can even be enhanced by a unique offer or a sample within the box resulting in happy customers for retailers and high conversion rates for advertisers,” says Bjorn Behrendt.



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