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Advertiser reaches 12 Million Aussies


Criteo1Latest comScore independent analysis confirms Criteo’s scale and significance in helping advertisers reach internet users anywhere in the world.Criteo, the performance advertising technology company, now reaches virtually one billion internet users per month worldwide, and nearly three-quarters of all Australians, with personalised ads.

The findings, revealed in comScore’s latest MMX® report, found that Criteo ads reached 994 million users in September 2014*, up from 924 million users in March. The significant increase in reach of retargeted advertising via Criteo exemplifies the company’s strength and scale in the online advertising industry, placing Criteo’s global reach as second only to Google’s Display Network.

In Australia, a total of 71 per cent or 12.8 million users, were exposed to advertising through Criteo during September 2014, up from 63 per cent in March. That makes Criteo’s reach significantly larger than the Google Search Network, which reaches 6.3 million users, and quickly gaining on the entire Google Display Network.

The comScore report also found that nearly 63 per cent of internet users worldwide who were exposed to a Criteo ad were not exposed to Google search ads, demonstrating that Criteo ads are incremental to search. In Australia, 67.9 per cent of Australian web users who were exposed to Criteo ads, were not exposed to Google search ads.

“The latest comScore analytics show that Criteo is making big strides in reaching a large and growing group of internet users that other ad networks are not touching,” said Jeremy Crooks, Criteo Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand. “In Australia particularly, we’re helping advertisers reach consumers across a huge range of websites, even if they are using multiple devices.”

Advertisers working with Criteo benefit from the opportunity to engage with the right consumers with greater efficiency and scale. The comScore report also highlights that approximately 8 out of every 10 internet users saw a Criteo ad in the major global markets in September.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the percentage of Internet users that saw a Criteo ad by country:


88 per cent in Japan

85 per cent in Italy

83 per cent in the United Kingdom

83 per cent in France

81 per cent in Brazil

80 per cent in the United States of America

79 per cent in Germany

79 per cent in Spain

71 per cent in Russia

71 per cent in Australia

71 per cent in Portugal


“Reaching virtually one billion Internet users is a very significant milestone for Criteo and reinforces the strength of our reach in the performance advertising industry,” said Eric Eichmann, President and COO, Criteo. “Criteo works directly with more than 7000 leading publishers around the globe and all major real-time bidding networks, putting us in a leading position to deliver the efficiency and scale that marketers demand for their campaigns.”


To see Criteo’s infographic representing the comScore findings, please click here.

*comScore MMX, number of unique users exposed to Criteo banners in September 2014, worldwide (Age 15+).

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