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7-Eleven unveils parcel locker trial

7-Eleven is trialling a new parcel locker service in around 20 stores as part of a network-wide revamp geared towards “making life easier” for customers.

In addition to changes like more fresh food and digital payment options, the convenience chain’s new store format includes a parcel collection service, Parcelmate.

In future, online shoppers can choose to have their order delivered to a 7-Eleven parcel locker, as long as the retailer they’re buying from ships through a delivery company that works with Parcelmate.

The service is carrier-neutral, which means 7-Eleven can work with a range of delivery providers and other courier businesses.

It also reduces the likelihood of a missed delivery, since convenience stores tend to stay open later than the post office.

“We are looking forward to working with a range of parcel services providers to provide a new way for them to efficiently meet the needs of their customers,” a spokesperson for 7-Eleven told Internet Retailing.

The trial will last several months to allow the company to test the technology and customer experience, as it will need to make changes to its range to accommodate the lockers.

“We’re investing in becoming better retailers. We want people to have a business that’s healthy and makes money,” 7-Eleven CEO Angus McKay told Internet Retailing.

Innovations are part of the DNA now at 7-Eleven, with a try and fail attitude central to the brand’s development, he said.

“Our vision comes back to what makes life easier for customers and easier for store operators,” McKay said.

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May 15, 2019 at 6:10 pm

Has this service failed? Just got notification my local 7-11 parcel locker is closing down. Devastated! alternative addresses are all pretty far away, and there are no 7-11s on the list